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L1 Assessment Only (No Resources)

  • L1 exam


This course is a compulsory requirement if you wish to maintain your own aircraft, above the definition of Line Maintenance found in section 12.7 of the RAAus Technical Manual. If you only complete line maintenance and a L2/LAME is sourced for further maintenance requirements or you do not perform any maintenance on your aircraft the L1 assessment does not have to be completed. Package Contains: • Course guide and syllabus • Level one Maintenance Authority Holder training – Study Guide • CAAP 42B CASA Maintenance Schedule • AD/GENERAL/87 Primary Flight Control Cable Assembly Retirement • AWB 34-008 Calibration of Compasses • RAAus AN Aircraft Fitted with transponders • Level One Maintenance Authority Exam NB: THE RAAUS TECHNICAL MANUAL AND FAA AC 43.13 ARE NOT INCLUDED, THEY CAN BE PURCHASED WITH THE L1 COMPLETE PACKAGE, BOUGHT INDIVIDUALLY OR ARE AVAILABLE FREE ONLINE


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